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Chat log about LSD

<p> hey m i had a few questions regarding LSD and some mental health troubles
<m> Sure, what's up?
<p> how does LSD influence issues like heightened anxiety, cyclothymia, or abuse-related PTSD ?
<p> asking for a friend, obviously
<m> It's tough to explain since it varies person to person, time to time
<p> considering it would be taken in a safe and not-anxiety-inducing environment at a well-rested state, is there a relatively general list of stuff that could happen ?
<m> hmmm
<m> Gimme a few moments to collect my thoughts on it
<m> the long and short of it:
	-LSD, at rec doses, is very inertial. Once you're on a mental path, it's hard to get off of it - positive or negative
	--for many, this is a stabilizing effect
	-LSD floods serotonin receptors. Usually not a big deal, unlike DMT or MAOIs (if you take MAOIs, take SERIOUS precaution)
	--This usually causes a lot of the "good feeling" but also can be fight or flight response initiating
	-LSD often allows people to work through things in a harm-reducing way, esp w.r.t. PTSD, anxieties, and insecurities, but this is barely studied and very anecdotal and person to person
	-control your environment, and have a way to escape negative thought loops if they occur. 

	For day of things:
	1. Drink water.
	2. Have a snack at <six hours after you drop>
	3. This is a drug. This is not permanent. This will end. 
	4. Be happy :)
	-Wear your coziest clothing
	-soft  blankets
	-eat a big meal before you drop
	-clean your spaces
	-Hide mirrors.
	tl;dr - LSD floods serotonin as its main mechanism. This causes euphoria AND fight or flight responses depending on the 	setting and occurances. Take precaution based on that
	It's also not a miracle drug. Don't expect to have it all fixed on one trip obv
<p> Noted
<p> I'm surprised it could maybe help with... My issues
<m> Most psychs provide a path to dealing with psychological issues in an almost clinical manner
<m> and some of these are... painful experiences - mostly with DMT and psilocybin studies - that require burning bright to use up the fuel, so to speak
<p> Okay
<p> (And i expect a good idea to be keeping my urgent needs cards by me if i ever try that, to be able to communicate without words)
<m> Start with a 100ug dose and, if you don't trust your source 100%, get a test kit
<m> nBOMEs are often sold as LSD and they will fuck you up
<p> Which kind of test kit would be good, and where to acquire?
<m> You can get them legally
<m> Test kits aren't illegal
<m> a quick google should find you a legal source
<p> i was more wondering if some test kits would mistake some shit for lsd
<p> (hence "which kind")
<m> Searching LSD test kit is the way to go
<p> fair
<m> I've never used one personally, since I've always used trusted sources or been too college to care
<p> i don't know of any local trusted sources, but I don't intend to try before moving the fuck away from here, so not before a few years from now
<m> There's also a decent way to know if you have tainted tabs - LSD has no taste. If it goes on your tongue, and it tastes bitter, immediately spit it out and wash down with a lot of water
<m> nbomes are bitter as hell
<p> okay
<p> good last-check then
<m> mhm
<p> (i will archive this chat in my papers, which has public access, but will remove all nicknames from it, for info)
<m> Note to the audience: I'm all about harm reduction and safe use, so for anyone who has questions about psychadelics in general, please ask and get the scoop before you dive
<o> when r u gonna chaperone me on a trip
<p> Well, thanks a lot for the info!
<m> oh, that reminds me of one more thing:
<m> Personal thing: I really do not like being around sober people while tripping
<o> do you think it's better to be alone or with someone else tripping with you?
<m> Depends on the person
<m> It kinda falls on the introvert/extrovert line from my anecdotal gathering