Web UI for barebones git repositories, alternative to webgit
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Web UI for bare-bones git repositories, alternative to webgit.


$ python3 -m pip install cutegit
$ python3 -m gunicorn cutegit:app

To use the development server while developing, you simply have to define the environment variable FLASK_APP to cutegit:app before running the command flask run.

$ python3 -m pip install cutegit
$ FLASK_ENV=cutegit:app flask run

Please, don't use flask run in prod... Seriously.

TODOs and ideas

  • [Git] repository list
  • [Git] Non-git metadata (category, description, public/private, clone URL)
  • [Core] Login / Logout for accessing private repositories
  • [Git] metadata (branches, default branch, commit count)
  • [Git] commit list (short messages, hashes, details blocks to full commit message)
  • [Git] structured commit diff display
  • [Git] raw object display
  • [Git] formatted object display
  • [Git] README.md auto-render
  • [Git] Render cache (redis, probably)
  • [Core] Config to hide or show authors, defaults to hiding
  • [Core] Additional metadata configuration (e.g. links and such)
  • [Core] RSS feed for project list
  • [Core] RSS feed for git log of a given project branch
  • [Core] "Wiki"