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AndrOBD allows your Android device to connect to your car's on-board diagnostics system via any ELM327 compatible OBD adapter, display various information & perform operations. It is open source and completely free. The application also has a built in Demo mode that simulates live data, so you don't require an adapter to test it.

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  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Wiki - AndrOBD knowledge database


GitHub release (latest SemVer) F-Droid Telegram

Get it on F-Droid


Connection types

  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi


  • Read fault codes
  • Clear fault codes
  • Read/record live data
  • Read freeze frame data
  • Read vehicle info data
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Additional features

  • Day/Night view
  • Data charts
  • Dashboard
  • Head up display
  • Save recorded data
  • Load recorded data (for analysis)
  • CSV export

Customisation of PID data

  • PID data items
  • Data conversions

Plugin extension support

Native language support


Functions OBD data Dashboard
Screenshot of functions Screenshot of OBD data Screenshot of Dashboard

More screenshots available on the Website or in the Screenshots folder

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App dialogs:

App strings

OBD data descriptions:

OBD data descriptions

Fault codes:

Fault codes

Plugin framework:

Plugin framework

⚠️ Special request ⚠️

  • AndrOBD is looking for helping hands on designing and implementing of a modern new GUI (#104, #126). Contributers will be credited/linked in the Readme.

Support by donating

Buy us a coffee or two, as it enables us to put more free time into the active development.

Thank you for donating
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Date Supporter Donation
2018/02 John Zimmerer $10
2018/12 Martin Bourdoiseau €20
2019/06 Jeffrey O'Connell $10
2019/08 Christoph Schmid €10
2020/01 Glenn Fowler $5
2020/02 Klemen Skerbiš €5
2020/06 Jairus Martin $10
2020/06 rusefi llc €25
2020/07 Klemen Skerbiš €5
2020/10 Frank White $8
2021/03 Raphael Högger CHF60
2021/04 Klemen Skerbiš €5
2021/06 Christoph Goetz €5
2021/11 Raphael Högger CHF60

Graphic design

Start page

Internet promotion

  • Big hands to aha999 for a fancier Readme, community help and many ideas to improve AndrOBD.

Hosting translations

Thanks to the open source community and any supporters who pick this project up, AndrOBD will be able to get more development, new features, and hopefully even more than that.