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kmille d47712e383 Revert "Add python 3.10 in ci for test" 4 weeks ago
kmille 0b0a738d0b Update changelog for 1.3.3 4 weeks ago
kmille 44c42ffb70 Update .gitignore 4 weeks ago
kmille c7a3f8cc25 Add python 3.10 in ci for test 4 weeks ago
kmille 956f47d919 Switch to yt-dlp in Docker image 4 weeks ago
kmille 2dac92786f Make youtube-dl tests cross-plattform compatible 1 month ago
kmille 35736ec4ee Switch to Ubuntu in Vagrantfile 1 month ago
kmille 598bb704e7 Switch to yt-dlp 1 month ago
kmille 86f7c391ae Update third party dependencies 1 month ago
kmille 2e560ce733 Update to 1.3.2 2 months ago
kmille 82b59a3a73 Update Ubuntu base image in Dockerfile 2 months ago
kmille fd8e1495b9 Upgrade third party dependencies 2 months ago
kmille 172f5c6100 Fix broken download functionality 2 months ago
kmille 5123c020d8 Revert "Fix broken download functionality for deezer (fixes 66)" 2 months ago
kmille 3a785db79e Fix broken download functionality for deezer (fixes 66) 2 months ago
kmille 8a99bdca74 Make gunicorn output non-buffered in docker image 8 months ago
kmille e057045b42 Update TODOs 8 months ago
kmille a6ed56e533 Use gunicorn in the Docker container 8 months ago
kmille 43744b7b83 Add scripts for manual Dockerhub deployment 8 months ago
kmille 9c1b84ed74 Improve Dockerfile 8 months ago
kmille 16dd3b1b68 Check for empty arl cookie on startup 8 months ago
kmille 93c739d479
Add License file #58 9 months ago
fugkco 4c89cdee8e
improve spotify support (#56) 10 months ago
kmille 278fe88e74 Update dependencies. Fixes some vulns 10 months ago
kmille 4418bc1064 Don't test the MD5_ORIGIN in the tests because it changes over time 11 months ago
kmille df53c1ae10 Tests: Update youtube-dl before executing tests 12 months ago
kmille 618f527dbc Update youtube-dl test: Adjust expected Khz 12 months ago
kmille e68808f85a Update tests: the MD5_ORIGIN value of a song changed 12 months ago
redmanmale 7ce2808ccf
Work with paths safely and OS-independently (#47) 1 year ago
kmille 68b08bb8e6 fix #46 - download deezer favs only downloads the first 25 songs 1 year ago
kmille 572669c342 Update docs and bump to 1.3.1 1 year ago
kmille 91b58f6fb5 Fix broken DEEZER_FLAC_QUALITY 1 year ago
kmille d23274eccf Fix #43 Add DEEZER_FLAC_QUALITY ENV to Docker container 1 year ago
kmille b68087c3b1 Fix dockerhub link (this one is public available) 1 year ago
kmille 49599225f8 Bump to 1.3 1 year ago
kmille 600413c619 Some trial and error for dockerhub push 1 year ago
kmille cc45bb51d0 args 1 year ago
kmille c3de578993 Action is executed on every push. Try to fix it 1 year ago
kmille f84f55c987 Push docker image to dockerhub 1 year ago
kmille 11e8217198 Fix cronjob for tests 1 year ago
kmille 6382c56b0a Change defaults: debug=False and workers=4 1 year ago
kmille 95ae4e9569 Add automated tests with Github Actions 1 year ago
kmille e764ea6355 Download Deezer favorites songs (fixes 34) 1 year ago
Ilya Bizyaev 695447dd11
Fix Spotify playlist download issue (#36) 1 year ago
kmille 6a3cc22a59 Publish TODO list 1 year ago
kmille 9722553496 Update third party dependencies and remove unused ones (fixes #38) 1 year ago
kmille 2cb7569810 Fix MPD disabled check by checking if it's a boolean #37 1 year ago
kmille ad0c40cda7 Change default setting: mp3 quality is now default 1 year ago
kmille bb06bf8a43 Update third party dependencies 1 year ago
kmille 6044f14137 Move from pycrypto to to pycryptodome #25 1 year ago