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Music Downloader 🎶 🎧 💃 🦄

tests push image to dockerhub docker pulls latest tag Python 3.6


  • download songs, albums, public playlists from (account is required, free plan is enough)
  • download Spotify playlists (by parsing the Spotify website and download the songs from Deezer)
  • download as zip file (including m3u8 playlist file)
  • 320 kbit/s mp3s with ID3-Tags and album cover (UPDATE: right now only 128bkit/s mp3 works, see #66)
  • download songs via yt-dlp
  • KISS front end
  • MPD integration (use it on a Raspberry Pi!)
  • simple REST api

How to use it

There is a settings file template called settings.ini.example. You can specify the download directory with download_dir. Pressing the download button only downloads the song/album/playlist. If you set use_mpd=True in the settings.ini the backend will connect to mpd (localhost:6600) and update the music database. Pressing the play button will download the music. If use_mpd=True is set the mpd database will be updated and the song/album/playlist will be added to the playlist. In settings.ini music_dir should be the music root location of mpd. The download_dir must be a subdirectory of music_dir.

As Deezer sometimes requires a captcha to login the auto login features was removed. Instead you have to manually insert a valid Deezer cookie to the settings.ini. The relevant cookie is the arl cookie.

Run it as a service

We use it with nginx and ympd as mpd frontend

  • / goes to ympd
  • /d/ goes to the downloader

The deployment directory contains a systemd unit file and a nginx vhost config file. There is also a patch to add a link to the ympd frontend. The debug tab will show you the debug output of the app.

Try it out

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
sudo vim /opt/deezer/app/settings.ini # insert your Deezer cookie
/opt/deezer/app/venv/bin/python /opt/deezer/app/ # start the backend

# On the host:
xdg-open http://localhost:5000 # view frontend in the browser
ncmpcpp -h # try the mpd client


You can use the Docker image hosted on Login into your free Deezer account and grab the arl cookie. Then:

mkdir downloads
sudo docker run -p 5000:5000 --volume $(pwd)/downloads/:/mnt/deezer-downloader --env DEEZER_COOKIE_ARL=changeme kmille2/deezer-downloader:latest 
xdg-open http://localhost:5000

If you want to debug or build it from source: there is a docker-compose file in the docker directory. The docker/downloads directory is mounted into the container and will be used as download directory. You have to check the permissions of the docker/downloads directory as docker mounts it with the same owner/group/permissions as on the host. The deezer user in the docker container has uid 1000. If you also have the uid 1000 then there should be no problem. For debugging: sudo docker-compose build --force-rm && sudo docker-compose up

Manual deployment

apt-get update -q
apt-get install -qy vim tmux git gcc ffmpeg
apt-get install -qy python3-virtualenv python3-dev
git clone /opt/deezer
python3 -m virtualenv -p python3 /opt/deezer/app/venv
source /opt/deezer/app/venv/bin/activate
pip install -r /opt/deezer/requirements.txt
pip install -U yt-dlp
cp /opt/deezer/app/settings.ini.example /opt/deezer/app/settings.ini
# Adjust /opt/deezer/app/settings.ini
/opt/deezer/app/venv/bin/python /opt/deezer/app/

# for mpd
apt-get install -yq mpd ncmpcpp
# adjust the file paths in /etc/mpd.conf and settings.ini
systemctl restart mpd
ncmpcpp -h


ctrl-m: focus search bar
Enter: serach for songs
Alt+Enter: search for albums
ctrl-b: go to / (this is where our ympd is)
ctrl-shift-[1-7] switch tabs

Some screenshots

Search for songs. You can listen to a 30 second preview in the browser.

Search for albums. You can download them as zip file.

List songs of an album.

Download songs with youtube-dl

Download a Spotify playlist.

Download a Deezer playlist.

ncmpcpp mpd client.


cd app
source venv/bin/activate
python -m pytest -v

Deployment with Ansible (including mpd and ympd) (almost always outdated)


Version 1.3.3 (27.12.2021)

  • replace youtube-dl by yt-dl
  • update third party dependencies

Version 1.3.2 (26.11.2021)

  • fix broken deezer download functionality (#66, removes the ability to download flac quality)
  • update third party dependencies
  • update ubuntu base image for the docker container

Version 1.3.1 (21.01.2021)

  • allow to set download quality (flac|mp3) via environment variable DEEZER_FLAC_QUALITY (#43)

Version 1.3 (05.11.2020)

  • feature: download your favorite Deezer songs
  • automated tests with Github Actions
  • push Docker image to with Github Actions

Version 1.2 (01.11.2020)

  • breaking change: now use the arl cookie instead of the sid cookie. This cookie does not expire so we don't need the background thread that keeps the session alive
  • add support for flac as download format

Version 1.1 (13.05.2020)

  • thanks to luelista for the contribution!
  • play 30 second preview in browser
  • add Vagrantfile
  • show album cover in search results
  • use a threaded queue for download tasks
  • list album songs