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dirkf 825d3426c5
[Nuvid] Use site JSON for video details (#29332) 6 months ago
dirkf 47b0c8697a [ARD] Back-port subtitle extraction from yt-dlp PR 2409 6 months ago
Seonghyeon Cho 734dfbb4e3 Remove redundant assigning `format_id` 6 months ago
df ddc080a562 Add ArteTVCategoryIE to support category playlists 6 months ago
Abdullah Ibn Fulan 16a3fe2ba6 Updated Album URL regex 6 months ago
Abdullah Ibn Fulan c820a284a2 [extractor/audiomack] Updated URL regex, corrected invalid testcases, fixed bug 6 months ago
dirkf 58babe9af7 Support __INITIAL_DATA__ with stringified JSON 6 months ago
df 6d4932f023 Try for timestamp, description from window.__INITIAL_DATA__ pages 6 months ago
dirkf 92d73ef393 [niconico] Implement heartbeat for download 6 months ago
dirkf 91278f4b6b [niconico] Back-port extractor from yt-dlp 6 months ago
dirkf 73e1ab6125 [test:download] Only extract enough videos for playlist_mincount 6 months ago
dirkf 584715a803 [applepodcasts] Extract default thumbnail image 6 months ago
dirkf e00b0eab1e [applepodcasts] Improve format extraction 6 months ago
dirkf 005339d637 [applepodcasts] Support new AMP-ish page structure 6 months ago
Chris Rose 23ad6402a6 xvideos: Fix for #30271 6 months ago
dirkf 9642344965 Fix tests for working IEs; disable obsolete WDRMobile 6 months ago
dirkf 568c7005d5 Fix WDRMaus; extend URL matching for other Maus pages; improve ID extraction 6 months ago
dirkf 5cb4833f40 Update URPlayIE extractor for Next.js page format, with subtitles 6 months ago
dirkf 5197336de6 Support more deeply nested ptmd_path with test, update tests 6 months ago
dirkf 01824d275b Additional tweaks: allow any .ndr.de, simplify quote match 6 months ago
dirkf 39a98b09a2 Fix NDR, NJoy tests 6 months ago
dirkf f0a05a55c2 NJoy: improve extraction of NDR id, description, etc with current page formats 6 months ago
dirkf 4186e81777 NDR: improve extraction of NDR id, description, etc with current page formats 6 months ago
dirkf b494824286 Support Tele5 pages with Discovery Networks format instead of JWPlatform 6 months ago
dirkf 8248133e5e Back-port yt-dlp Viki extractor 6 months ago
dirkf 27dbf6f0ab Return the item itself if playlist has one entry 6 months ago
dirkf 61d791726f Find TV2DK Kaltura ID in Nuxt.js page format 6 months ago
pukkandan 0c0876f790 [youtube:search] Add tests 6 months ago
dirkf 7a497f1405 Rework 2c2c2bd with an actual Mix page and realistic playlist size 6 months ago
dirkf 5add3f4373 Merge branch 'pukkandan-yt-searchurl' into yt-dl-master 6 months ago
pukkandan 78ce962f4f [youtube] Support channel search 6 months ago
dirkf 41f0043983 Avoid crashing if n-sig decode fails 6 months ago
dirkf 34c06b16f5 Support Youtube Shorts URL format 6 months ago
dirkf 1e677567cd
[YouTube] Fix n-sig for player e06dea74 (#30582) 6 months ago
df af9e72507e Implement n-param descrambling using JSInterp 6 months ago
dirkf 6ca7b77696 Refactor JSInterpreter._separate 7 months ago
dirkf 9d142109f4 Back-port test_youtube_signature.py from yt-dlp and fix JSInterp accordingly 7 months ago
dirkf 1ca673bd98 Fix splice to handle float 7 months ago
df e1eae16b56 Handle default in switch better 7 months ago
df 96f87aaa3b Back-port JS interpreter upgrade from yt-dlp PR #1437 7 months ago
df 5f5de51a49 Add compat_map/filter and use the former 7 months ago
df 39ca35e765 Fix test_youtube_flat_playlist_extraction 7 months ago
df d76d59d99d Remove obsolete non-working test_youtube_toptracks 7 months ago
df 2c2c2bd348 Fix test_youtube_mix 7 months ago
df 46e0a729b2 Remove obsolete test_youtube_course 7 months ago
df 57044eaceb Fix test_youtube_playlist_noplaylist 7 months ago
pukkandan a3373da70c
Merge branch 'UP/youtube-dl' into dl/YoutubeSearchURLIE 7 months ago
pukkandan 2c4cb134a9
Fix max_results 7 months ago
pukkandan bfe72723d8
Use `itertools.islice` 7 months ago
pukkandan ed99d68bdd
Add back `YoutubeSearchURLIE` 7 months ago