a simple macro system made for client openness
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A Windows10-focused software to simulate key combination presses triggered by external tools, including external devices such as phones, tablets, or custom hardware.

Documentation is far from complete, I still need to add the possible input table, and some examples and info.

Setting up

OpenMacro runs an HTTP server and a WebSocket server (on top of this HTTP server).

By default, it will listen on every network interface, on the port 6600, but you may change that in the configuration.

For the simplest setup, you need to have every device you want to use as control unit in the same network as the computer (obviously, it's HTTP, so if you want to have a custom network, you can without a doubt, e.g. by using a reverse proxy)

An example setup would look like the following image.


The documentation is entirely available in the wiki.

Bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests can be submitted to the bug tracker.

Financial support

This project is free (as in "freedom"), but development is still costly, especially in time.

If this project is useful to you, you may drop a small donation.

Buy me a coffee


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license terms.

The full license document can be found link:LICENSE[here].