A writer's assistant
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trans rights!

A writer's assistant.

Goals and features

This app has a single aim: to simplify my workflow when writing stuff, mostly when on my phone or tablet (travel hardware restrictions).

I am trying to make it as lightweight as possible (even though I am using Flutter and not direct native android, but native android sucks right now... And Compose seems even weirder) and as accessible as I can, but feel free to start threads on things you'd like to see change.

For now, I plan for the following.

  • Word counter
  • Spell checking (somehow?)
  • Linguee / Deepl / something else? API integration for dictionary and translation
  • Something API integration for synonyms

Releases and such

I have no real release system planned yet.

I do intend to publish it on my personal website's projects section at first, then possibly on F-Droid. I do not (and this won't change) intend to publish it on Google Play Store.