Mood tracker app for Android
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Mood tracker app for android.

Goals and that kind of thing

Basically, I wanted a simple and unobtrusive mood tracking system.

As an ADHD person, most "reward-based" systems or systems that requires me to be rigorous with using them simply don't work, as I end up not using them after a few days...

Instead, I'm building an app that will nudge me a few times every day to check on me, and, ideally, a Pebble-based companion smartwatch app that will directly ask me if I'm okay right from the watch, to remove the strain of grabbing my phone and dealing with it.

For now, I don't plan for any "online" feature, it's something pretty sensitive and personal, and I would expect for such an app to respect "me".

Ideally, I want to add encryption to the database that stores this (especially for the "Tell me more" text area, which would contain the heaviest stuff), but that would require some work I'm not able to do right away, so this is kept for later.

Backups would probably be in CSV format or something like that.

Adding the standard supported android "lock schemes" (e.g. pin code, password, thumb print) too would be freaking cool, but such locks should only be set for accessing the app data, not answering the checkup form (as it would add some strain again).