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root 8c2727c235 Fixed head version selection 4 months ago
root 83c1660760 :3 5 months ago
root 6906c29a2b Merge branch 'feature/embedded-resources-and-css' 5 months ago
root ad7f671e4a Fixed config; documented 5 months ago
root 7109c49897 Added forge title customization 5 months ago
root 324044c383 Implemented PR sorting 5 months ago
root ce2e2a304e Formatting 5 months ago
root 28223f6482 Updated links, edit page 5 months ago
root f07aa88663 Fixed error display CSS and added dynamic deletion javascript file 5 months ago
root ab140c0539 Embedded assets within the binary + working on new UI 5 months ago
root 7654150682 Added clean formatting of refs in default ref selector 5 months ago
root a8630ebe9a Added packed refs index support 5 months ago
root 2dc55a004d Added support for PR/MR in display 5 months ago
Diane 904e519185
Fixed umask in service file for world-readable clones 7 months ago
Diane ecc431ea0d
Generating the clone URL on init 7 months ago
Diane 159cda818c
Fix: not wiping the default HEAD ref if there's no branch or tag 7 months ago
Diane d73b3749d3
Added DEFAULT_HEAD config 7 months ago
Diane 6f0e19f42c
Added support for default HEAD 7 months ago
Diane d456a3f17d
Added URL prefix for non-root path compatibility 8 months ago
Diane bd21c309ef
Ignoring dot dirs 8 months ago
Diane 7d4994b5e4
Fixed server shutdown error handling 8 months ago
Diane db8e6813fd
Implemented working category grouping 8 months ago
Diane a037b54336
Fixed category grouping 8 months ago
Diane b1528d0fe6
Added support for mirrorring 8 months ago
Diane 888abb6057
Fixed logging 8 months ago
Diane a622aa28e4
Removed dead TODO 8 months ago
Diane 780aa20a78
Restructured project, fixed error handling 8 months ago
Diane ebf5132907
Updated docs to reflect addition of verbose mode 8 months ago
Diane 8f4cf498c2
Added actually useful logging 8 months ago
Diane 987d763392
added graceful shutdown handling 8 months ago
Diane a50386127b
added systemd socket support, moved stuff around 8 months ago
Diane a1ed1f98c1
Added graceful restart of daemon 8 months ago
Diane 72abf0f0c6
Changed default systemd config for a cleaner version 8 months ago
Diane cc3813dbc7
Added git clone URL template support 8 months ago
Diane 8cd2369bf1
added documentation 8 months ago
Diane c5cfb0f8b0
Wrote some form of documentation, made an example systemd unit file 8 months ago
Diane 4020a31f09
Added environment-bound configuration, unix socket support 8 months ago
Diane ae353f243a
base commit 8 months ago