Small temp redis-based pastebin server.
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package main
import (
// Takes an input string, counts the number of lines,
// and generates an output with the same number of lines,
// each containing the line number.
func Lineno(input string) string {
output := ""
strings.Split(input, "\n")
for idx, _ := range strings.Split(input, "\n") {
output += fmt.Sprintf("%d\n", idx+1)
return output[:len(output)-1]
// Markdown allows raw HTML output
func Markdown(input string) template.HTML {
md := markdown.New(markdown.XHTMLOutput(true))
return template.HTML(md.RenderToString([]byte(input)))
// InitTemplates parse templates from templates/ folder
func InitTemplates() *template.Template {
return template.Must(template.New("").Funcs(template.FuncMap{
"lineno": Lineno,
"markdown": Markdown,