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# Aphrodite
![This project is licensed under the AGPLv3 terms](.agplv3.png)
The builder is licensed under the CNPLv6 license or later, but not the written content (which is non-free, reserved rights).
Static website generator for my []( NSFW/tech personal blog.

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# Firefox 89...
I just cannot use firefox as it is in this version.
I just hope that they'll either revert this, provide a natively supported setting to make it actually bearable, or that a userChrome.css will be whipped fast enough for firefox to become re-usable again.
## But… Why?
Because some people at Firefox’s HQ decided that they were too good to maintain any semblance of accessibility, and decided to follow this fucking shitty trend of obliterating the accessibility of most new UIs, with shitty “Look, you can’t distinguish anything anymore!”.
I chose to blacklist firefox from getting updated by Pacman, and to stick with 88 (which seems to work relatively well for now), because as things stand (the 2021 / 06 / 02), Firefox 89 is unusable for me.
To avoid having to recompile firefox from scratch (since Arch’s repositories only keep latest packages), I chose to archive what I could find in my build cache.
## Why not use another browser?
* Chromium
* No real bookmark manager alternative

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## Articles
=> /~blog/18-firefox-89.html Firefox 89...
The 2021 / 06 / 02,
Firefox 89 has introduced anti-accessibility UI changes in their latest update, making it unusable for me...
=> /~blog/17-gitmgr.gmi GitMgr: a tool to manage my bare-bones git repositories
The 2021 / 04 / 18,
So, basically, I got fed up with jumping from git host to git host, and never finding what I searched for, including simple automation and backup/moving stuff around.