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Artemis 9ef09d60ad added proper handling of dark themes for code blocks, fixed css typo for the search button on mobile 3 months ago
Artemis 63d1a723e3 Cleaned light theme, added dark theme 3 months ago
root 73471d25c3 Removed portfolio page 4 months ago
root ec75694845 Updated home pages 4 months ago
Diane 982fb4aafb
updated masto link 7 months ago
Diane fd639c3745
fixed source code location link 8 months ago
Diane 265debbb52
Added metadata about the raw date 1 year ago
Diane 10268dc0c4
updated my current GPG key 1 year ago
Diane 74ce99b235
Use article title as page title 1 year ago
Diane 418ace85a0
Added rel:alternate links 1 year ago
Diane 7d7052fa82
Fixed default slug value for existing articles 1 year ago
Diane 7d94595487
Squash-merge feature/new-admin-panel into master 1 year ago
Diane d836d1ed3e patched phinx config 1 year ago
Diane 16f63dc460
fixed label 1 year ago
Diane 7353bd62fc
added discontinued state 1 year ago
Diane c23d10999a
fixed dead link 1 year ago
Diane 91c926c082
fixed link 1 year ago
Diane ca6c53d415
fixed rel links 1 year ago
Diane 6c9c601bda
fixed link 1 year ago
Diane c1ccf61ea2
Changed homepage and aboutpage 1 year ago
Diane 6b22d433bf
Fixed drafting state change to avoid publication_date update issues 1 year ago
Diane 21b3ca91df
Updated the whole doc 1 year ago
Diane a5957f5efc
Added a migration to fix the data model 2 years ago
Diane 2c5da3872e
Updated other pages 2 years ago
Diane 824eb02a8c
Updated info on hosting 2 years ago
Diane 4d84ad829a
Replaced keybase by riot 2 years ago
Diane 7593e0af34
Fixed image link to include everything 2 years ago
Diane 5139ae795c
added retrocompat in feed links 2 years ago
Diane 10f788141c
Added sentry error logging 2 years ago
Diane 140e3b8bc7
Added some functionality on the dashboard 2 years ago
Diane 51f45081c1
Fixed error on unpublished article viewing 2 years ago
Diane 0e9679690c
Removed article cache, it's now in DB! 2 years ago
Diane 057ecb8ddd
Merge branch 'master' into feature/php 2 years ago
Diane 22d8601139
#76: Added caching rules 2 years ago
Diane af3766091f
fixed icons, made real one 2 years ago
Diane caa2a96422
#88: Added maintenance mode in the main file 2 years ago
Diane c9b3f24bd5
#79: added GPG key, and link to it 2 years ago
Diane 8636a02913
#78: Created a donation button 2 years ago
Diane 4e78b0ddd9
#77: re-scaled button to have matching UI 2 years ago
Diane 5e11fba27b
Added dotenv 2 years ago
Diane 2cb30450cb
Saved every todo on my kanban 2 years ago
Diane 377d71783e
Cleaned up old code and todo list 2 years ago
Diane 301e0f041f
#54: Added auth, manual propagation shield, key gen. command 2 years ago
Diane fbac53e1d2
#74: Added integrity hashes, fixed typo on importer 2 years ago
Diane e5c588a81d
#59: Added article editor hinters 2 years ago
Diane ae420dde49
#59: Added default slug hinting on the editor, subtask #2 2 years ago
Diane 1ef2e18ec7
#51: Ability to preview articles is available 2 years ago
Diane 0780a595fc
#57: Finished article render API, handling unknown languages 2 years ago
Diane 08f85bbca7
#67: Integrated light-theme syntaxic coloration 2 years ago
Diane 7ffc898def
[WIP]: Started working on syntax highlighting, having an issue with code escape 2 years ago