Updated 16 hours ago

Tiny SVG viewer for editing purposes

Updated 3 months ago

A simple categorized todo list.

Updated 1 year ago

SciHub Injector adds SciHub links to popular publishing websites to make free access to science even easier.

Updated 9 months ago

Safety checklists for various topics in BDSM

Updated 1 year ago

My photo gallery

Updated 6 months ago

Command-line recipes manager

Updated 1 year ago

Small temp redis-based pastebin server.

Updated 10 months ago

a simple macro system made for client openness

Updated 2 years ago

My nix system configs

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 4 weeks ago

Web app for the monies server project

Updated 7 months ago

A fork to implement a few things I wanted

Updated 7 months ago

A small UI for my own link manager.

Updated 6 months ago

Small bookmark manager, browser, sharer, and more

Updated 11 months ago

Small task automation and simplification tool for bare-bones git hosting.

Updated 1 year ago

rust lib to parse gemini and other stuff i play with

Updated 4 months ago

GeminiText format parser

Updated 1 year ago